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About Francesco Scura

Francesco Scura is a 25 years old Visual Artist from Bergamo, Italy.

His works focus on balance, emotion, and surreal imagery dressed with an elegant attention to detail, using powerful colors and contrasts. By playing with lights in the darkness, he was able to evolve and define his unique and personal style, really focusing on the emotional impact of his works.

He decided to open this store to share his art with the world, in an easy and accessible way for everyone; while still mantaining exclusivity and a premium feeling.

All artworks are sold here on darkgallery.art and are not sold anywhere else. Each piece is printed on museum quality fine art paper and comes with a signed, numbered certification from the author; each art drop is limited edition, both in time and supply and there are no restocks.



"I like to think that my art is evolving and growing with me. I started creating very young but it was only around age 12 that I discovered digital art.

Today after many years it became the tool that helps me turn ideas into visuals. My creative process relies on transforming moments from my past, my thoughts, and experiences into higly detailed 3D visuals, often revolving around the human figure and mind. A reccurring element in my art, is the crystal.

This element represents beauty in all of its forms: memories, sensations, experiences, passions, vices and relationships. All of those things that can make you feel alive, whilst also being painful.

As an artist I want my pieces to inspire and evocate that powerful feeling that witnessing beauty in one of its shapes can bring to a person. "

image of Francesco Scura aka DVRK or DARK in the digital art world



"I was born surrounded by beauty, cradled by affection and emotions, yet, growing up, I was also terrified by these feelings. I felt so comfortable in the arms of my loved ones that I could not stand up and step out of this magical, unrealistic world.

I got hurt and scared realising how the world was a lot darker than it seemed in my safe space. So much that it made me shut down emotionally.

The young naive me thought that carrying all that weight inside could have solved the problem. Instead it made me fearful, anxious with many issues giving trust and affection. All the disappointments in life hit my self-esteem hard, at a point that I could only see the dark side of life.

The only outlet I had was art. I really liked to create as a kid, I liked it so much that growing up this necessity to express myself through creations became a way to re-kindle my desire to discover the beauties of this world. And it worked.

Growing up I learned how love and passion make every scar worth it. I learned how showing your true emotions can form beautiful bonds, because honesty is the purest form of art.

I learned how a light can be so beautiful among the darkness. "

image of Francesco Scura aka DVRK or DARK in the digital art world | Dive into the world of Luxury Digital Art with our exclusive collection



"It was not easy to admit all my faults, to admit the world wasn't really against me; that I just had gotten too comfortable playing the victim. It was the biggest realization of my life.

I changed my view of the world so drastically up to the point I now seek discomfort to grow. I seek inspiration from situations, from people and strong feelings. I follow the beauty I encounter in my path so I can blend it with my imagination, my experience and capture them in an artwork.

This became my sole purpose as an artist. Inspiring people with the same light that has shined through my darkest moments of life, giving me the power to fight and seek the beauties of this world.

The reason I decided to create DarkGallery and share my art with you is this. I want to be your reminder that even the most rough diamond in the darkest times, can show its beautiful colors with the right ligthing. "

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