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70 x 100 cm aluminum supergloss print

Mixed media

Originals - 1 of 1

This artwork is a 1 to 1 original piece. Unique of its kind 💎

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About Francesco Scura

Francesco Scura is a 25 years old Visual Artist from Bergamo, Italy.

His works focus on balance, emotion, and surreal imagery dressed with an elegant attention to detail, using powerful colors and contrasts. By playing with lights in the darkness, he was able to evolve and define his unique and personal style, really focusing on the emotional impact of his works.

He decided to open this store to share his art with the world, in an easy and accessible way for everyone; while still mantaining exclusivity and a premium feeling.
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About the Artwork

Vibrant colors and intricate details take the viewer into a magical realm, evoking a surreal, dreamlike atmosphere. This work was created around the concept of lucid dreams, and the importance of dreams for human beings.